Back Pain Treatment

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Back pain is nowadays a common condition affecting 8 out of 10 adults. The intensity of pain differs from person to person. The pain is considered chronic if it lasts for more than 12 weeks.Know more

Back Pain Symptoms:

  • Pain could be constant or could occur at irregular intervals.
  • Sitting for long aggravates the pain.
  • Soreness when the affected area is touched.
  • Difficulty in performing routine activities like bending, standing, or walking due to pain.
  • The pain is localized or radiates to the legs, passing through the buttocks and thighs.
  • Pain in the leg or foot that radiates.
  • Pain only on one side of the buttock or leg.
  • Tingling or numbness in the lower body or limbs.
  • Difficulty in controlling functions of bowel and bladder

 back Pain Causes:

  • Occupational strain: This involves excessive bending and lifting weights, twisting or driving.
  • Trauma: This includes sudden or jerkful bending or twisting your spine.
  • Lifestyle issues: This happens when the patient leads a sedentary lifestyle, gains weight and does not exercise.
  • Physical causes: Osteoarthritis, disc degeneration, fracture, injury, tumour or infection in the spine (rare condition)
  • Age factors: The pain is caused by osteoporosis, disc and joint degeneration, and soft tissue strain.
  • Medical conditions: It is common in the case of pregnancy or obesity.

Pain can be temporarily relieved by moist hot and/or cold compresses. However, a more holistic and long-lasting approach involves spine rehabilitation using :

  • Isolation Treatment with device-based therapy: The weak muscles and tissues are identified and treated in isolation. They are strengthened and degeneration is arrested.
  • Self-Care Exercise & Physical therapy
  • Posture correction or posture improvement
  • Lifestyle changes such as engaging in physical activities, postural breaks, ergonomics correction
  • Manual Correction of affected spinal vertebrae for long-lasting treatments.
  • Professional accurate diagnosis required for faster recovery
  • Chronic, can last for years. Thus, Back pain treatment is recommended.

Physiotherapy near me Professional diagnosis required

Physiotherapy near me Chronic, can last for years

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