Degenerative Disc Disease Physiotherapy

Spinal discs are made up of cartilage and which provide natural cushioning for the spinal vertebrae. Damage to these discs is likely to cause chronic back pain and the location/ area of the pain depends on the position of the damaged disc. Some of the most common degenerative disc disease symptoms include:

  • Pain that worsens with specific movements such as bending or twisting
  • Periods of severe pain that come and go
  • Pain that radiates to the nearest limb
  • Lower back pain (if the degenerated disc is in the lower back)
  • Pain in the neck and shoulders (if the degenerated disc is in the upper back)
  • Tingling in the legs or fingers which is caused by nerve impingement

Loss of fluid in the disc

The center of a healthy disc can contain up to 80 per cent water which allows it to function as a shock absorber. When the water content in these discs starts to decrease, they are no longer as spongy and flexible which puts pressure on the outer layer of the disc.

Tiny tears or cracks in the outer layer of the disc

Pressure on the outer layer of a disc can result in the development of small tears. The jellylike material from inside the disc can then seep through these cracks – a condition known as a herniated disc.


Disc fusion surgery is often recommended for degenerative disc disease. There have been several innovations including pedical screws, fusion cages, and artificial discs but these technological advances have not translated into improved outcomes. In fact, studies show that surgery for degenerative disc disease is associated with increased disability and higher opiate use. We have adopted a unique approach that combines holistic therapy with evidence-based treatment protocols. This ensures quick and last pain relief from back pain caused by degenerative disc disease.

The Most Technologically Advanced Spine Diagnostic Test

MRI and X-ray tests are the most common conventional diagnostic tools for back ailments. These tests detects damage to bone and tissue but they cannot pinpoint weakened muscles that cause or exacerbate the problem. Our advanced spine function tests, can identify weakened muscles. This allows spine specialists to provide precise and targeted treatment for quick but lasting pain relief.

Physiotherapy: Non-Pharmacological Pain Management

Degenerative disc disease causes pain at the site of the damaged disc, which is generally in the lower back. COX-2 inhibitors are among the most commonly used NSAIDs for degenerative disc disease back pain. However, these are strong medications that increase the risk of upper respiratory tract infections including pharyngitis, sinusitis, and rhinitis. These drugs also increase the risk of more serious adverse reactions including gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcers, and perforation of the intestine and stomach.

We provides non-pharmacological pain management methods such as Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). This is a technologically-advanced method of pain management that utilizes low levels of electric current to reduce pain and promote tissue repair. This helps to decrease the inflammation around an affected disc.

The McKenzie Method is an effective physical therapy system to correct and stabilize spinal alignment. Medical movements such as the Global Stabilization System and kinetic control focus on improving mobility, reducing pain, and reducing the risk of pain recurrence.

Smokers, those who are overweight, and people who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of suffering from degenerative disc disease. If you suspect that you have degenerative disc disease, visit a spine specialist as soon as possible.

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