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It involves 15-30% of lower back pain caused by inflammation of Sacroiliac Joint. Unnatural
movement of the Sacroiliac Joint causes radiating pain in the legs.

It causes the typical Sciatica type radiating pain in the lower limbs. Other symptoms are like,

  • Pain in pelvis and lower back
  • Numbness or tingling in the hip or groin
  • Stabbing pain that increases with physical activity
  • Sensation of leg instability
  • Unable to stay seated for a prolonged period
  • Patients with severe pain also suffers from insomnia and depression

Hypermobility (too much) and Hypomobility (too little), both can cause the condition. Some of the
factors that are responsible for unnatural movement of the Sacroiliac Joint are,

  • Gait problems due to difference in leg length
  • Pregnancy and childbirth that cause loose ligaments
  • Ageing
  • Trauma or injury that cause non-elastic scar tissues
  • Previous lower back surgery
  • Damaged ligaments from repeated heavy weight lifting

Detailed Spine Function test identifies the root cause of the problem, which can be weak muscles or
a ligament or a scar tissue. It isolates the affected area so that targeted treatment can be applied.

There is no single approach to treat the SI Joint pain. It is based on the symptoms and severity of
the condition. Common treatments involve –

  • Brief rest periods
  • Pain medication
  • Cold compress for the swollen joint
  • Heat compress to reduce pain
  • Sacroiliac joint injections if the pain is too severe
  • Brace to provide support to loose SI Joint (hypermobility)
  • Isolated physiotherapy that exclusively targets the weak muscles

Physiotherapy near me Professional diagnosis required

Physiotherapy near me Chronic, can last for years

Physiotherapy near me Treatable with 4 weeks of regular C7Physio Therapy