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Arthritic conditions cause a breakdown of cartilage and inflammation that restricts mobility in the affected area. In case of spinal arthritis, patients experience severe back pain and stiffness, particularly in the lower back.

Spinal arthritis causes inflammation and swelling of the joints in the spine which affects mobility in the spine.

  • Pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility of the spine are the primary symptoms
  • Back pain that comes and goes
  • Joint stiffness is particularly noticeable in the mornings
  • Depending on various factors, patients tend to experience more severe pain following periods of inactivity
  • A crunching feeling in the spine
  • Difficulty bending and/or spinal deformity or abnormal curvature
  • Warmth in the joints particularly during weather changes

Identification of the underlying cause and affected regions is perhaps most vital to finding a lasting resolution, as this allows specialists to provide targeted treatment. Some of the most common causes of spinal arthritis include:

  • Most commonly caused by age-related degeneration
  • Trauma and injury to the back
  • Abnormality in cartilage because of genetic factors
  • Obesity, which causes increased stress and compression of vertebrae
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune condition, causes inflammation and destruction of cartilage and joint surfaces

Conventional treatment for spinal arthritis includes medications to reduce pain and inflammation. However, these medications do not treat the underlying problem which means that patients who are on these medicines will need continue taking them for life. C7Physio uses some of the most technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment methods to help patients manage their condition and lead healthy productive lives.

How We Can Help You ?

Back surgery has become a common recommendation for spinal problems including spinal arthritis. However, recent studies show that up to 90% of these surgical procedures are unnecessary and do nothing to improve patient outcomes; in fact, many of these procedures increase the risk of further spinal complications. Our holistic and evidence- based treatment protocols offer patients a safer and more effective treatment for spinal arthritis with better long-term benefits.

Individualized Treatment Protocols

Treatment protocols are unique to each patient depending on how the condition has affected them – this allows spine specialists to provide the best spinal arthritis treatment for each patient, depending on their individual requirements. In cases where the pain is severe, we will work with rheumatologists to decide on a temporary medication plan to ease discomfort so that the patient can perform medical movements to strengthen the muscles that support the spine. McKenzie movements are very effective in cases where peripheral joints are involved.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Treatment

Medications are often the first line of conventional treatment for spinal arthritis but these drugs often cause serious health problems and can even cause organ damage in the long run.

Spinal arthritis can cause severe and even debilitating pain if left untreated. This is why it is important to visit a spine specialist at the earliest for a definite diagnosis and timely treatment

Physiotherapy near me Professional diagnosis required

Physiotherapy near me Chronic, can last for years

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