1. Recurrence Prevention
What is Recurrence Prevention?
Back pain can reoccur in patients even after successful treatment if proper prevention plan isn’t followed. It is therefore important to prevent the pain from returning after restoring spine function.

C7Physio Recurrence Prevention is designed to help patients take care of their spine in the future and manage any bout of pain with success.

How does Recurrence Prevention works?
The goal is to help patients sustain a normal and healthy lifestyle and prevent any recurrence of back pain. This is achieved by –

Further enhancing the load bearing capacity of the spine.
Increasing the ability of your body to sustain normal activity.
Realizing additional higher functional goals as planned previously.

2. personalised patient care
Protocol designed to reduce pain
Each patient goes through a rehabilitation programme comprising of personalised & effective treatment methods with our multi-specialist team

3. Cell Repair Technology
Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a proven pain management technology uses that extremely low frequency of electric current that to treat the root cause of pain by aiding tissue repair at a cellular level.
FSM therapy has been proven to enhance the healing process in damaged soft tissue and can potentially reduce inflammation. It is a safer, more effective way to reduce pain & and has no long-term side effects compared to most painkillers.
This is most latest and advanced technology in world and also available at our center.

FSM is effective in the treatment of:
Strains And Sprains
Muscle Stiffness
Disc Injuries
Diabetic Neuropathy
Bone Fracture Pain
Muscle/Ligament Damage
Facet Joint Pain
Chronic Neuropathic Pain
Sports Injuries

4. PhotoBioStimulation
Light is energy. Energy is needed to heal. Energy can penetrate into tissues where blood may not be able to reach.Light therapy devices emit photons of light which are absorbed by the cells. It is believed that this results in an increase in cellular energy thus healing. As of yet, no one knows exactly how these benefit human tissue but the results are demonstrable. It is also believed that every cell in the body has red light sensitive chemicals found in the mitochondria, and, when stimulated with the proper wave length of light, energy production increases and leads to healing.
At C7Physio we use advanced Light therapy for healing even in diabetic persons.

5. Manual Therapy
Manual physical therapy is a specialised form of physical therapy delivered with the hands as opposed to a device or machine. It has an important place in Physiotherapy and when used appropriately is a very effective set of tools literally at our fingertips.
The staff at C7Physio are MCMT(Master Certificate of Manual Therapy) certified from U.S.A.