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Corporate Physiotherapy: Freedom from pain, at Office

Physiotherapy in the corporate sector is nowadays mandatory following seantary lifestyles. We maximizes your company output by increasing Quality of Life of your employees.

Corporate Physiotherapy – Introduction:

Almost all people working in corporate sectors suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Over 3 lakh spine surgeries are prescribed in India each year. C7Physio can help patients avoid surgery through its revolutionary data-based approach to non-surgical treatment of back and neck pain.

C7Physio is known for the accurate diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of back & neck pain, in both chronic and severe cases. Doctors have now accepted that the cure to back pain lies in muscular recovery & regeneration.

Our corporate team specializes in work-related illnesses and can provide customized solutions and treatment options to companies who can significantly enhance the productivity by reducing the health-related absenteeism and loss of precious work time.

Corporate Offers: We offer customized solutions to companies and design many innovative programs that incorporate minimum interference to work schedules and focus on ergonomics and MSD.

The modern workplace is a place where employees are vulnerable to plenty of stress and stress-related illnesses. We, at C7Physio HealthCare, recognize this and we, therefore, propagate effective health at workplace tips through our various awareness programs. We make sure we give the right guidance to employees so they can enjoy the best occupational health at work.

Our set of services also includes customized services for corporate clients through which we make sure that employees adhere to and follow the best health and workplace tips. By following these health tips, employees can prove to be valuable assets for their employers.

Corporate Physiotherapy includes: